Free Webinar: Finding Exceptional Opportunities

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Please find below a complimentary link from MTA (Market Technicians Association) to an archived version of my 11/20/2013 webinar titled “Finding Exceptional Opportunities with ETF, Options and Seasonal Trends”.

Click here to view Jay Kaeppel’s “Finding Exceptional Opportunities with ETF, Options and Seasonal Trends” webinar

My thanks again to MTA for inviting me to speak and for all those in attendance.

Jay Kaeppel

5 thoughts on “Free Webinar: Finding Exceptional Opportunities

  1. Hello Jay,

    I just read your article on AIQ on the hi/lo indicator. I wonder whether you would so kind as to send it to me by email so I could put it in my AIQ indicators list.

    Kind regards,


  2. Hi Jay, I have watched your webinar Finding Exceptional Opportunities and i have a question to ask you. You mentioned to use deep in the money call to trade the seasonal but should we not worry about the implied volatility?

    1. The purpose of using a deep in-the-money option is to limit the amount of time premium you pay. You get less leverage than when using an out-of-the-money, however, if you are not necessarily expecting a big move then a deep-in-the-money has a closer breakeven point. Likewise, because you are paying less time premium with a deep in-the-money, implied volatility is a slightly less important factor. Hope that helps, Jay

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