One of My Favorite Websites for Trading Systems and Ideas

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A while back I got over my addiction to Elliott Wave analysis. I finally realized I needed help and joined a five wave, er, step program. But some obsessions still linger. As an admitted “systemaholic” (“Hi, my name is Jay”) I am always on the lookout for new ways to make money without thinking. That’s actually not quite a fair statement. With a trading system you do your best thinking “up front” and then build it into a set of rules that can be repeated over and over. The basic idea is to remove the threat of experiencing that “OH MY GOD I AM LOSING MONEY I NEED TO DO SOMETHING REACTIONARY RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND THERE THANK GOODNESS I PANICED JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME OH WAIT CRAP THE MARKET JUST TURNED BACK IN MY FAVOR” moment.

I am guessing that most of you know what I am talking about.

One of my favorite websites for exploring new trading ideas – and in most cases, not just “ideas” but well researched and fleshed out systems is In their own words Quantocracy is “a curated mashup of quantitative trading links”, which basically means they cull the best quantitative trading ideas they can find from a variety of websites and blogs and report back to you the reader.

One word of “warning”: when you click on a link from Quantocracy you’d better have your “thinkin’ cap” on, because most of the articles linked involve some serious analysis of some aspect of the financial markets.

Just remember, that’s a good thing.

Jay Kaeppel