9 Charts That Explain (Almost) All the Anger

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All credit for this information goes to ZeroHedge.com.

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If you want to understand why people are flocking to “non-traditional” candidates like Trump and Sanders, it all comes pretty clear with a persusal of the charts displayed in Figures 1 below.

(click to enlarge)1Figure 1 – The State of “Things” (Courtesy: ZeroHedge.com)

I will leave you to draw your own conclusion.

My Two Cents: I will leave my own political leanings out of this.  Because, quite frankly they don’t really matter.  I’m just another guy with an opinion.  What does matter is the fact that – OK, I guess this is just an opinion as well, but one that is at least relevant to the topic – the reason that people are angry all across the fruited plain is that our politicians have failed us completely and utterly.  Now if you are a Democrat you will say it is all Bush’s fault or the fault of the Republican Congress.  Likewise if you are a Republican you will say it is all Obama’s fault.  And so on and so forth.

Sorry, but this looks to me like a bi-partisan across the board FUBAR (a WWII reference which you can look up yourself on the internet).

Everybody focuses on the Presidency, but our system was never actually intended for the President (any President) to “run everything” (I believe the correct word for that is “dictatorship”).  But I think the bigger problem lies elsewhere.  Consider this: Congressional approval runs somewhere around 10% – and yet about 90% of incumbents who run for re-election win.  Hello, anybody?  Yes, I know, you gotta vote “D” because all of the “R”’s are evil or you gotta vote “R” because all the “D”’s are traitors.  And therein lies the creation of the heart of the problem – i.e., the “career politician”.

I think it is time for one of two things, either:

A) Term limits – let me throw 12 years out there; 2 terms in Senate or 6 terms in Congress. And then “Thank you for your service, now get the hell out of here and go look for a real job like the rest of us schlubs.”


B) We the people need to primary and/or vote some incumbents out of office once in awhile.  We do have that ability you know.  Maybe not a bad idea to put a little “fear” into the career politicians spending all of our grandkids yet to be earned money.

Hey, it’s a start.

Finally, in keeping with the current tone of the political climate out there these days, if anything that I have said here offends you, let me just say “$%^&*!”

There, I feel better….

Jay Kaeppel