Two Short Articles I Think You Should Read

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Not my own stuff today, but two ideas that I found particularly interesting – and potentially useful.

The first is an article by Danny that discusses what happened in the stock market the year after the S&P 500 experienced a “flat” year (defined as a year during which the S&P 500 gained or lost less than plus or minus 5%).  Spoiler alert: Fasten your seat belts on New Year’s Eve.

Article #1: Stocks in 2016: why I like what I see by Danny

The second is an article written by Sal Ciella and highlights a simple “trading tip.”  I cannot confirm or deny its effectiveness but I do intend to explore it in greater depth.  If you are an active trader you may wish to also.

Article #2: Fine Tune Your Entries and Exits Trading the 3 Day EMA

Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2016!

Jay Kaeppel

One thought on “Two Short Articles I Think You Should Read

  1. Jay,

    Thanks for sharing the 2 articles on 12/31!

    I just replayed your interview with Better System Trader, and I am wondering if it is effective to combine the monthly holiday strategy and the seasonal sector? For example, Buy retail stocks before President’s Day in February, or a gold ETF before Labor Day?


    Josh McCoy

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