I’m Back on Land…and On-Line

  • SumoMe

Hello again.  The family and I went on a Caribbean cruise the first week of August.  Now if you happen to live in the Southeastern U.S. you may be thinking “A Caribbean cruise in August…..are you crazy?”  as this is the start of hurricane season.  Hey, I’m a speculator…and the price was right.

Bottom line: We had a great time and the weather was great!  More to the point I decided to “unplug” for the week.  Oh, I did manage to check the markets a couple of times but that was it.  After some early “withdrawal symptoms” I “sailed” (har) through the rest of the week.

Following up on these articles I did notice that:

a) Some of the major stock market indexes have dropped below their 200-day moving averages (while others did not);

b) AAPL took out support at $119.22 and fell as low as $112.10 before bouncing…er, sort of, and;

c) The British Pound (ticker FXB) crept lower.

Have to get back up to speed on things and hopefully I can think of something reasonably intelligent to say about the state of the markets in the next several days.

Jay Kaeppel