Some Interesting (obviously not my own) Thoughts on Crude Oil Fundamentals

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I tried to be a “Fundamentals Guy” a long time ago, I swear I tried.  I read everything about everything regarding the financial markets.  Then I would try to figure out what it all meant for future prices.  And after I figured it out I would enter a position and tell the markets what they were supposed to do.

Let’s just say that “the markets” didn’t much care about what I had decided they should do.  Hence the reason my trading evolved into a technical and seasonal approach.

Nevertheless, I still try not to be completely ignorant (I mean sure you get used to it after awhile but, well, never mind) regarding the factors that can move a given market.  As I wrote about here, when it comes to analyzing the fundamentals of various commodity related markets I like to follow James Cordier and Michael Gross of

Here is their latest research on crude oil.  I found it to be interesting and I think you may too.

To see another (impressive) example of their analysis click here

To buy their book or learn more about it click here

To get all the information visit:

OK, here’s the weird part.  For the record I am not endorsing their service as I have never used it (although, also for the record – I have read their book cover to cover more than once).  I am merely highlighting a source of consistently very useful, interesting and enlightening information that I have enjoyed reading for many years.

Jay Kaeppel


One thought on “Some Interesting (obviously not my own) Thoughts on Crude Oil Fundamentals

  1. Jay,
    Enjoy reading your material and a couple books. How do you suggest going about learning to trade options? I’ve traded them in the past but more in the 99% losing group than the 1% successful. In reading your book “The Four Biggest Mistakes in Option Trading” I realized with the right knowledge and tools which I don’t have today, you can increase the probability of success greatly.



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