Soybeans Begin Unfavorable Seasonal Period

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As I wrote about here, soybeans have a tendency to display price weakness between July Trading Day #9 and August Trading Day #6.  This year’s period began at the close of trading on Tuesday, July 14 and extends through the close on August 10th.

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As I wrote about in the linked article, beans have declined in price during this period in 30 of the past 37 years (81% of the time).  Does this mean that beans will decline this time around?  Absolutely not (in fact, on a purely anecdotal basis, my neighbor recently returned from Indiana and mentioned that he was surprised how little seemed to be growing in the fields along the expressway – typically driving through Illinois and parts of Indiana this time of year involves a mind-numbing and endless array of strongly growing crop fields – so, hey, you’ve been warned).

In the meantime, as you can see in Figure 1 – so far so good (bad? In this case bad being good) as November beans are down $0.14 (or $700 a contract) here on Day 1. 3Figure 1 – November Soybeans (down hard on Day 1 of seasonally unfavorable period) (Courtesy:

Time to take a profit?  You’ll have to decide that one on your own.

Jay Kaeppel