An Update on Natural Gas “Seasonally Favorable” Period

  • SumoMe

In a recent article I highlighted the fact that natural gas has showed a tendency to advance during a particular 3-day period in June.  Well, thanks to a strong rally on Day 3 this trend technically rang up another “success” in 2015.  But in reality, it was basically a wash to a small loss, depending on how one chose to play.

*July Natural gas futures declined $20 in value from 2.891 to 2.889.

*Ticker UNG advanced (such as it is) from $14.02 to $14.03.ng3

*The June UNG 13 strike price call – if bought and sold at the market – was bought at $1.10 and sold at $1.07, or a $3 loss per contract.

Now onto the “Seasonally Unfavorable” period.

Jay Kaeppel