Another Intentionally Scary Headline – but Still Worth a Read

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I’ve been in this game for a while.  If I had a dollar for every intentionally scary headline I’ve ever seen (“Why Stocks Will Collapse”, “The Bubble is About to Burst”, “How to Prepare for [your biggest financial market fear here]”, “Congress is Back in Session”, etc.), I’d have accumulated a lot of dollars.

In truth, at some point you start to tune all of the alarmist stuff out.  But there are exceptions to every rule.  For some reason I gave into the urge to click on the link below to an article titled “Why Stocks Will Crash in Two Charts”.  I guess I figured that at the very least it would be short.

Now I am not saying that I agree or disagree with the premise of the article.  But I did find the two charts to be very interesting.  If you read this blog I am thinking you may also.

“Why Stocks Will Crash in Two Charts”

Jay Kaeppel