Do You Think Gold Will Rally?

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Please notice that the title of this piece is in the form of a question.  I am not offering any suggestions regarding the future direction for the price of gold. The sole purpose of this article is to highlight a particular strategy that many traders never consider – but which can be a terrific way to express a market opinion without risking a lot of money.

The State of GLD

Figures 1 and 2 display two potentially alternate views for ticker GLD – an ETF that tracks the price of gold bullion.  Some people will look at Figure 1 and see a bullish setup, some will look at Figure 2 and see a chart with LOTS of overhead resistance and some people will simply shrug their shoulders and say, “it beats me.”1Figure 1 – Ticker GLD with bullish Elliott Wave count (Courtesy ProfitSource by HUBB)

2Figure 2 – Ticker GLD with a lot of overhead resistance levels (Courtesy AIQ TradingExpert)

For the purposes of this article let’s assume or a moment that you fall somewhere in the “I wouldn’t mind being bullish but I don’t really feel like risking much betting on it” category.  Given this hypothetical assumption, let’s consider the following hypothetical trade:

Buy 1 Jan2018 GLD 130 call

Sell 2 Jan2018 GLD 140 calls

Buy 1 Jan2018 GLD 150 calls

This strategy is referred to as an “Out-of-the-Money Butterfly Spread” or OTM Butterfly for short.  It might also be unofficially called a “really cheap bet just in case things go right.”

In essence the relevant questions are:

1) Do you think there is chance gold will rally between now and mid-January 2019?

2) Do you have $53 bucks?

Figure 3 displays the particulars and Figure 4 displays the risk curves.

3Figure 3 – GLD OTM Butterfly Spread (Courtesy

4Figure 4 – GLD OTM Butterfly Spread Risk Curves (Courtesy

Things to note:

*A 1x2x1 spread costs $53.  This is the maximum risk on the trade

*If GLD does rally the potential profit will peak out and roll over if GLD rises above the middle strike of 140

*If GLD fails to rally this trade will absolutely, positively lose money

*The breakeven price for GLD at January expiration is $130.53

Bottom line: GLD MUST rally at some point or this trade will lose money.  But remember, the maximum risk only $53.  In the meantime – and for example’s sake – if GLD rises to roughly $130 a share by say, December 12, the open profit at that time would be roughly $125 – i.e., +136% ROI.

Either these types of numbers float your boat or they don’t.


Am I suggesting in any way shape or form that gold is going to advance in price between now and mid-January 2019?  Nope.

Am I recommending that you load up on the trade detailed above?  Nope.

The trade detailed above is intended to serve merely as an example of “one way to play” if:

*You think something “might” move

*You are willing to actually enter a trade to bet on that “something” actually moving

*But you don’t want to risk much capital

Jay Kaeppel

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