Taking What The AAPL Gives You

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This is a lesson in subjective analysis.  Not a lesson so much maybe as an example.  Because subjective analysis is just that – making decisions on the fly based on “gut”, “instinct”, and/or accumulated experience.

The AAPL Story

In this article I wrote about a hypothetical trade using options on AAPL anticipating a bounce back up towards a previous high.

In this article I raised the idea of potentially “doing something” to lock in a profit.

Now in this article I am going to say that on a subjective basis I would take a profit and close the trade here.

The current status of the example trade appears in Figure 1.1aFigure 1 – AAPL Calendar Spread as of 8/2/17 (Courtesy www.OptionsAnalysis.com)

Note the following:

*AAPL has bounced back up to its previous high – which was the impetus of the trade in the first place.

*The trade now has an open profit of 149%

*I have no idea where AAPL is headed next

*Also, while AAPL is sharply higher on the day, many of the other FAANG stocks are heading in the opposite direction at the same time.2a

Figure 2 – AMZN stock (Courtesy: Barchart.com)


Figure 3 – NVDA stock (Courtesy: Barchart.com)


Figure 4 – PCLN stock (Courtesy: Barchart.com)

With our trade objective (i.e., AAPL retouching the old high) reached, with a sizeable % profit and with the other stocks in the “club” acting in an exactly opposite manner, I for one would probably “ring the cash register” at this point.

Jay Kaeppel

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