AAPL Update – Decisions, Decisions

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In this article I wrote about the potential for AAPL to “bounce” higher following a short, sharp decline in June.  That article included a hypothetical option trade that might allow a trader to take advantage if AAPL did in fact bounce.

Well, it bounced.

Now comes the hard part.

The Original Position

The original example trade involved:

*Buying 4 Sep 160 calls @ 1.28

*Selling 4 Aug 160 calls @ 0.69

The total cost and total risk was roughly $260.   The original risk curves appear in Figure 1.1Figure 1 – The Original AAPL position 6/27 (Courtesy www.OptionsAnalysis.com)

The “idea” was that if AAPL merely managed to bounce back up to its old high a decent percentage gain was possible.

The Update

As of roughly 9:40 CST on 7/25 AAPL had bounced back up from $143.74 to $153.59 and the option trade has an open profit of $256 – or roughly 100% on the initial cost and risk of entering the trade.2Figure 2 – The Updated AAPL Position as of 7/25 (Courtesy www.OptionsAnalysis.com)

The Decision

From here a trader could:

a) Let it ride and hope that AAPL gets closer to the peak profit price of $160 a share – which could generate a great deal of additional profit.

b) Exit the trade and take a 100% profit – i.e., ring the cash register before the profit vanishes.

c) Adjust the trade in some way to lock in some sort of profit while still letting the position ride.


As I have limited time at the moment I will not attempt to answer the question nor make any suggestions beyond the following:

*Note the potential to use options to enter into inexpensive speculative trades with limited risk

*Note that there is no right or wrong answers among a, b and c above.

*If you want to be a trader you’d better get used to making decisions like this on a regular basis.

Jay Kaeppel

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