Which Way Out for Biotech and Real Estate?

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In the interest of full disclosure the sad truth is that I presently have no answers to the headline question.  No predictions, no advice, no recommendations, no example trades, no nothing.  Sorry.

In fact this may be the shortest piece I’ve ever written.  But for whatever its worth, from a perusal of various sectors this weekend the two charts below caught my eye as “things to keep an eye on.”

My hunch is that a positive move for biotech and real estate would be a very positive influence on the overall market and vice versa.

For now, though – still in the “watching stage.”1Figure 1 – Ticker XBI (Biotech ETF) (Courtesy ProfitSource by HUBB)

2Figure 2 – Ticker IYR (Real Estate ETF) (Courtesy ProfitSource by HUBB)

(See also JayOnTheMarkets.com: Biotech at the Crossroads)

Jay Kaeppel

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