It’s Time to “Do Something” in Silver

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On April 1 in this article I wrote about the potential for silver (using the ETF ticker SLV) to make a big move.  I also admitted that I wasn’t really sure which way that move would be.  As a result I highlight an option strategy designed to play that very situation – a long straddle.

In the original article I highlighted a position as follows:

*Buy SLV June 17 calls @ $0.61

*Buy SLV June 17 puts @ $0.57

For purposes of this update we will assume that a 20-lot was purchased at a cost of $2,360 (($61 + $57) times 20).  The original risk curves appear in Figure 1.4Figure 1 – Risk Curve for original 4/11 SLV Jun 17 straddle (Courtesy

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From there SLV advanced for two days before reversing.  As I write SLV is on its 13th (!!!) consecutive down day.  Figure 2 displays the action through yesterday’s close.2Figure 2 – Risk curves as of 5/3 (Courtesy

At this point the original straddle is sitting with an open profit of $560, or +23.7% of the original cost. It is time to “do something” with this position.

Choice 1: Take a Profit

An excellent choice.  13 days in a row in one direction is very rare and SLV is at a key support area.  So it makes sense to take a profit and avoid giving money back if and when silver eventually bounces.  Closing out the whole position would result in a profit of +23.7% in 22 calendar days.silv 1Figure 3 – Current SLV Jun 17 straddle (Courtesy

Choice 2: Continue to Play the Bearish Side

Perhaps you want to take a profit but think that SLV may break down through support and plunge much further.  One answer would be as follows:

*Sell 20 SLV Jun 17 calls

*Sell 20 SLV Jun 17 puts

*Buy 2 SLV Jun 16.5 puts

The risk curves appear in Figure 4.  This position locks in a minimum profit of $366 but still allows for additional profits to accumulate if SLV continues to plunge.silv 2igure 4 – Adjusted Bearish SLV position (Courtesy

Choice 3: Reverse and Play the Bullish Side

Perhaps you want to take a profit but also think that SLV may hold at support and reverse sharply to the upside from its current deeply oversold level. One answer would be as follows:

*Sell 20 SLV Jun 17 calls

*Sell 20 SLV Jun 17 puts

*Buy 2 SLV Jun 15 calls

The risk curves appear in Figure 5.  This position locks in a minimum profit of $380 and allows for unlimited profit potential if SLV reverses and rallies sharply to the upside.silv3Figure 5 – Adjusted Bullish SLV position (Courtesy

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There are no “right” or “wrong” answers here, only choices.  The key point to remember here is that a straddle position is not meant to be held forever.  Once a solid profit presents itself it is typically time to “do something.”

Jay Kaeppel

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