The Good and Bad in May

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The beginning of the month of May and the end of the month of May into early June have overall been a decent time to be in the stock market.  The middle of May, typically not so much.

This article is an update from this article written almost a year ago.

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The “Proper Outlook” for May

For our purposes we will split May (into June) into three segments:

*Segment 1 (Bullish): The first 3 trading days of May

*Segment (Bearish): May trading days #4 through #16

*Segment 3 (Bullish): May trading day #17 through the 5th trading day of June

For 2017:

*Segment 1 extends from the close on 4/28/17 through the close on 5/3/17

*Segment 2 extends from the close on 5/3/17 through the close on 5/22/17

*Segment 3 extends from the close on 5/22/17 through the close on 6/7/17

In 2016:

*Segments 1 and 3 combined to gain +1.8%

*Segment 2 lost (-0.9%)

From 1934 through 2016

*Segments 1 and 3 combined to gain +160.5%

*Segment 2 lost (-51.5%)

1aFigure 1 – Growth of $1,000 invested in Dow Jones Industrials Average during May/June Bullish Segments 1 and 3 (blue line) versus Bearish Segment 2 (red line); 1934-2017

Segments 1 and 3 combined:

*showed a gain 54 times (65%)

*showed a loss 29 times (35%)

*Average gain = +2.9%

*Average loss = (-2.0%)

*Median return all years = +0.88%

Segment 2:

*showed a gain 40 times (48%)

*showed a loss 43 times (52%)

*Average gain = +2.0%

*Average loss = (-3.4%)

*Median return all years = (-0.07%)

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So is the beginning and end of May (plus the beginning of June) sure to see stock market gains? Not necessarily.  Likewise, is the middle of May guaranteed to be a downer?  Again, not necessarily.

But history suggests that that is the way to bet.

Jay Kaeppel

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