A Must-Read Article on the State of the Economy

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Timothy B. Lee has written an article published in VOX titled

27 Charts That Will Change How You Think About the American Economy

I cannot urge you strongly enough to take a few minutes to read it the whole way through.  And note that unlike a lot (dare I say, most) of the information regarding the economy that gets put out these days there is no “angle” or political agenda underlying the data (at least not that I could discern).

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The “times they are a changing” and this article provides an enlightening yet dispassionate look at “the way things are”.

Do yourself a favor and read it all the way through.

Jay Kaeppel

One thought on “A Must-Read Article on the State of the Economy

  1. Very interesting, thanks Jay. I’d like to see more research on why so many working-age adults have left the labor market. The ones I know are not independently wealthy as the article surmises. Quite the opposite actually. I’d like to see more data. Interesting charts though.

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