Fading Through the Door into Summer

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An ancient proverb states that “There is a fine line between efficiency and laziness.”  Lazy people are especially fond of this particular proverb.  And hey, we efficient people are totally insulted.

Anyway, be all that as it may, we are headed into the “summer months”.  Or as I refer to them, “The Black Hole Formerly Known as Summer.”  Rather than rehash articles that I have written in the past, I am going to be “efficient” and encourage you to explore the two links below.

(See also Beware the Middle of May – The “unfavorable mid-May period” ended at the close on 5/23.  On 5/24 Dow rose 200+ points…coincidence?)

The Bottom Line on Summer

In a nutshell, sometimes stock prices rise in the summer, sometime they fall and sometimes they pretty much go nowhere.  The bottom line is that $1,000 invested in the Dow Jones Industrials Average ONLY during June, July and August since 1965 is now worth $1,004.

Please see:

The Stock Market Black Hole (formerly known as “Summer”)

Not exactly the kind of returns most of us are looking for.

For those willing to “think outside the box” and consider alternative strategies to “buy and hold” there may be a way to improve summer returns.

Please see:

One Way to Play the Stock Market Black Hole (i.e., “Summer”)

Hey, at least we can enjoy the weather!

Jay Kaeppel