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For the last 9 years I wrote a weekly column titled “Kaeppel’s Corner” for Optionetics.com. Optionetics built a great organization and taught a lot of people a great deal about how to become more successful traders.  Even though I was one of the instructors the truth is I learned a lot in my time there and am grateful for the knowledge.

This blog – JayOnTheMarkets – is basically the new “Kaeppel’s Corner”.  I decided to change the name because of that pesky “e” that is the third letter in my last name, the fact that there are two letters “p” and the fact that so many people think the last two letters should be “LE” and not “EL”.  It’s been trouble my whole life.

Me: “That’s K-A-E”

Other person: “wait, did you say E?”

Me: “Yes E”

Other Person: “OK wait, K-A-E?”

Me: “Yes, then P-P”

Other person:  “Wait, did you say two P’s?”

Me: (sigh), “Yes two P’s, then E-L”

Other person: “Wait, are you sure it’s E-L?  I would think it is L-E?”

Me: “Ugh”

How much simpler my life would have been had it simply been spelled “KAPLE”.  Oh well.  So anyway, I figured if I had a site called kaeppelscorner.com about 93% of the people who tried to type it in would eventually give up.  Let’s be honest, just about anyone can figure out how to spell jayonthemarkets.

I don’t have a set schedule yet for posting info but like the old Kaeppel’s Corner I will be touching on a idea variety of topics including, but not limited to “the stock market, gold, bonds, futures, options currencies, ETFs, mutual funds, trading systems, and, well you get the idea.”

So please do me the honor of “Bookmarking” me now and check back every once in awhile.

Jay Kaeppel

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Jay Kaeppel’s new Blog

  1. Congrats on the new site. Love your voice (writing) and trade ideas! Looking forward to many great posts.

  2. Jay,
    So glad I found you (as if you were lost). I thought you were on a well deserved vacation, but after several weeks away from the Optionetics web site, I figured you gave up writing. Please don’t. ….. Ever! I’ve learned so much from you and am now a dedicated seasonal trader. Count me as one of your loyal fan base. FYI – my PureMo at end of Aug is up 28.9% compared to 14.5% for the S&P. With those results, you have my undivided attention….. Keith

  3. Jay I had no idea what happened to you. I am so glad I found your new site. Your articles have been so informative over the years. Have read every one of them. Good luck in your new digs! Sincerely, Jim

  4. Great to hear about the new blog Jay. Looking forward to following you here and learning more great info and insight. Does anyone know what happened to Optionetics? It seems like they fell off and lost a number of great instructors after they got bought out by OptionsXpress. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Hello Jay,
    I miss the dynamism Optionetics brought to traders for many years, but am glad you are still in-the-game.
    Welcome Back.

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